Delhi traffic police gives tips on Facebook

Use of Information Technology in important situations, read below .....

Guess one of the ways Delhi Traffic Police  (DTP) used on Monday to manage traffic in the capital hit by a crippling shutdown - through social networking site Facebook. As normal life came to a standstill because of the nationwide shutdown called by the opposition against the fuel price hike,the  DTP's profile on Facebook, which has over 10,000 members, instantly became abuzz with activity. 

Online CAT saved 1,000 trees

The online admission process of the Indian Institutes of Managements may have brought along its share of glitches but has scored in terms of going green.

Taking the admission process online in has saved 50 tonnes of paper, to produce which about 1,000 trees would have to be felled.

“This is the first time a test of this magnitude has been paperless. The online CAT is eco-friendly,” said Satish Deodhar, convener, CAT 2009, and economics professor at IIM, Ahmedabad.